In the News ˙ Jan 10, 2018

Canadian Tourism Drives Employment

Canadian Tourism Drives Employment

Canadian tourism is "focused on growth", and is looking to engage and employ new generations. As more young people are coming to understand how they can make a living in the tourism industry, the better it is for both Canada and its economy. Recently, the Honourable Bardish Chagger, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister of Small Business and Tourism, welcomed a group of 47 young Canadians, aged 18–24, to Ottawa for the first-ever Canadian En[tour]preneur Experience. The youth were brought together for these two days to learn more about the industry.

Individuals from every province and every territory were involved in the event and were selected through an open application process. The organizers wanted to make the final group diverse and accurately representative of the entire country. As part of the programme, those selected spent time in Ottawa with hands-on experience at famous landmarks, participated in group work and listened to presentations by industry coaches and mentors. They learned about potential challenges in tourism, new ways to promote tourism with modern technology and how they could continue to make tourism appealing to future generations.

Of the initiative, Chagger was quoted as expressing: "Joining such a passionate and creative group of young Canadians for the past two days has been an inspiration. Their ideas, commitment and perspectives have been truly insightful. I hope that they leave this experience feeling empowered and encouraged about pursuing a career in Canada's tourism sector, taking advantage of the many great opportunities there are for hard-working entrepreneurs to do what they love and grow their businesses, and helping promote Canada's world-leading tourism experiences."

Videos from the event were showcased on the Leaders Today Facebook page. The footage included participants presenting their business ideas for attracting millennial travelers to the country.
According to the Canadian Government, twenty million travelers chose to visit Canada in 2016, and by 2021, the goal is to attract 30% more international overnight visitors. Canada's New Tourism Vision is a government initiative to take advantage of the industry and make it work for the country. Currently, one in 11 Canadian jobs is in tourism, and it is the number one employer of youth, according to the official website.

By 2025, it is hoped that Canada is one of the top ten places in the world to visit for vacationing and other leisure purposes. This will be achieved by marketing the country's attractions through traditional and new digital channels, enabling travelers to reach Canada more easily - for example, adding flight connections and more direct flights - and expanding product offerings, which includes authentic experiences and experiences for visitors.

The new plan aims to target the massive millennial generation in particular, as the number of international trips by this age group is anticipated to double to 300 million annually by 2020, according to the site. Additionally, the government would like to expand LBGTQ travel in addition to welcoming and attracting more travelers from China to the country.