In the News ˙ Jan 08, 2018

Canadian Government Invests in Women Leaders

Canadian Government Invests in Women Leaders

Providing opportunity for new generations can mean that individuals are able to pursue interests and career paths which may have previously been closed. Some people are able to find a start at a university or college, but others let their careers lead the way. To assist young women and pave the way for future women leaders in Canada, the government has decided to invest in their futures.

G(irls)20, a Canada-based, globally active social enterprise, recently received significant funding from the national government. The organization aims to cultivate the next generation of female leaders through education, entrepreneurial training, leadership and global expenses. The Government allocated $407,750 to the nonprofit to fund a 36 month-long project that will provide women aged 18 to 25 with leadership opportunities. As part of the initiative, participants will connect with the boards of community organizations where they will collaborate with board members in reviewing a particular policy or programme through a gender-based analysis lens. The aim of this is to enhance greater gender analysis and awareness throughout each organisation; volunteer boards and these organizations will consequently be encouraged to review gender equality practices when making decisions or continuing to review their policies and programmes.

The funding provided to G(irls)20 will enable women across Canada to participate in the programme so they can further develop and enhance their leadership skills.

Of the new initiative, Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women, was quoted as saying, ""We know that empowering and inspiring women leaders is essential to the sustainability and success of the gender equality movement, not just for Canada but for the global community. That's why the federal government is proud to partner with G(irls)20 on this exciting project, which will help develop future leaders across Canada while also supporting community organizations to embrace gender-based analysis."

The aim of G(irls)20 is to promote equality and gender awareness across all aspects of Canadian business. The projects are selected to address and hopefully eliminate systemic barriers which are currently standing in the way of Canadian women, in work, in society and in leadership.

G(irls)20 CEO Heather Barnabe added,  "We welcome the Government of Canada's support for this initiative. It is going to make a big difference by allowing young women to gain and use the leadership skills that they need to create their own futures, and continue to develop as valued community leaders.

Status of Women Canada, a federal organisation that promotes women's equality, released a report titled "Good for Business, A Plan to Promote More Women on Canadian Boards" back in 2014. The paper addressed how to further female representation on boards. It outlined a series of goals, the main one being to achieve the national goal of 30% women on boards by 2019 in the public and private sectors. With programmes available to enable younger women to contribute, step forward and lead, more female representation may be possible.